We bring over 20 years of experience to the table!

PixelTech offers a full suite of marketing, design, and development experience to ensure you have every angle covered. Our greatest asset is collaboration! We pride ourselves in truly partnering with our clients.


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Our Process

LIsten (a lost art)

We want to know your goals, about your company, and even you personally. We take the information you give us to produce results that are tailored to you.
» We create a proposal for your project

create (the fun part)

It’s why we get up in the morning, really. We take an idea from nothing, and create something amazing, treating every project as a portfolio piece.
» We deliver our creative results to you for review.

revise (getting it right)

There may be tweaks. Even though we try to bat a thousand we make sure that you are happy with our direction and concepts.
» Make sure it’s on target.

build (getting dirty hands)

Well it has to happen sometime. The nitty gritty work of making the ideas a reality. It’s still fun but more intense than the creative side.
» It is all about the details

launch (it's go time)

Letting go is so hard sometimes…oh hogwash. We love watching our creations go out into the world, all grown up. It really is the best part of the job.

Our Approach

It really is all about relationship. We won’t invite ourselves over for dinner, make awkward comments, and stay past our time, but we do enjoy getting to know you; the person behind your business. In a world where people bury their head in their phones and stare at the wall, we pride ourselves in the lost art of conversation!

Our reputation is paramount so in addition to relationships, we are fanatical about delivering on time, on budget, and to the expectations of our clients. You simply will not find anyone with higher expectations than those we place on ourselves.

In Their Own Words
Super cool and totally blown away. Better than any church website I have ever been associated with. Great job!
Trinity Baptist Church, Athens GA

We love what we do!

When you love doing your job, it’s ceases to be work. Our approach is to deliver personalized service through collaboration that results in ROI and pride in your brand! Every project is unique and we treat each one like it will be our next portfolio peice.

Our Work
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